Sell A Restaurant

Do you want to sell a restaurant in Asheville, NC?  When you hire NRP you not only gain expertise from restaurant industry experts, but you increase the visibility of your property significantly. We work with local, regional, and national businesses and franchises. Here is a partial list of the restaurant businesses we have experience working with:

Selling a restaurant
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When you hire NRP as your broker you benefit from:

  • Marketing efforts of NRP’s 14 national offices.
  • Visibility for your business/property through and ( receives an average of 106 unique visitors per day).
  • National Restaurant Properties’ approved buyers are immediately alerted of your listing.
  • Information about your property/business will be sent to our database of over 5,000 entrepreneurs interested in restaurants for sale and lease in the Asheville, NC area.
  • Your listing is posted on all Asheville NRP’s social media, which includes over 650 Twitter followers and over 400 Facebook followers.


Due to the time and marketing dollars we invest in our clients, we only offer exclusive right to sell representation. Regardless of how much money we spend to market your restaurant, we will not charge a dime unless your restaurant business sells. When a seller commits to honoring our terms, we will do everything in our power to sell their restaurant through our networks, marketing, and national presence.

Our brokers determine the Real Bottom Line Value of your Restaurant Business or Commercial Property.

Determining the true market value of a restaurant business takes expertise. Other factors considered in fair market pricing are the condition of the current market and what it will allow, as well as location, lease conditions, and overall state of the establishment.

How do we determine market value for your restaurant business?  We need the following information to properly evaluate the financial worth of your restaurant business:

1) We need to see the following documents:
Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, and Copy of the Lease

2) Is Your Restaurant Business Profitable/ Unprofitable?
We sell both, but buyers pay extra for a successful track record. Buyers will not pay money for unprofitable businesses; however, they will pay for the sale of tangible assets (i.e., furniture, equipment, inventory, real property, etc).

3) We Need Access to Verifiable Gross Sales.
Gross sales must be substantiated by profit and loss statements, sales tax reports, bank statements, and other records. Buyers will expect to see all of these before they buy.

4) We Need to Know Your Operating Costs.
It’s important that buyers know the operating costs associated with your restaurant business. This list includes, but is not limited to rent payments, liability insurance, employee labor, and food and beverage costs. You will need appraisals of real property if your broker is to effectively market your restaurant.

5) What is the Real Reason for Selling?
Buyers want to know the real reason a restaurant is on the market. Some valid reasons include poor management skills, retirement, divorce, family considerations, health, and burn out.